Student Spotlight: Broken Pipes and Falling Ceilings














A blog post by Max Curtis-Lewis and Kaira Grant, Wide Angle Youth Media Design Team Students.
Max and Kaira are both juniors at Baltimore Design School.

Broken pipes and falling ceilings, these are things BCPS students see on a daily basis. On Tuesday, February 27th, the Design Team of Wide Angle Youth Media took a trip to Annapolis to speak on the issue of school funding. On the bus, we got a paper telling us the theme for the night and who would be there. In attendance was Delegate Maggie McIntosh, who is one of the main spokespeople for Fair Funding Fair Facilities (FFFF). She went into detail about the school trust fund bill which has $42 billion saved in it to be used for schools and only schools.

Kira started off the meeting by introducing our group and what we do at Wide Angle. Kaira and Kynel started their introduction then started their speech. Here is a highlight of Kaira and Kynel’s speech:

“Maryland is the richest state in America yet our schools are still poorly funded. Schools should make youth want to learn but the poor conditions of BCPS are having a poor effect on student morale. The poor structure of the school buildings is making the students not want to come to school… Due to the over-crowded classrooms, students cannot have one-on-one time with teachers.“

Here is a secondary highlight of Chloe and Erin’s speech:

“School funding is an issue that has plagued Baltimore City students. We’ve had to fight for more funding our whole academic careers. The lack of funding has affected our education tremendously.”  

At the meeting, we talked about goals for Baltimore City schools. The first goal that we spoke about was a short term goal, which is to pass SB611. This is the Healthy School Facility Fund with $30 million going towards emergency repairs to schools nationwide.The second goal that we spoke about was the mid term goal, which is to pass the Knott Commission Bill. This bill is yet to be filed but is currently in development. The long term goal that we spoke about is more funding to completely rebuild or fully renovate under the 21st Century Schools program. $1 billion will go towards renovating schools and 100 city schools need a full overhaul.














Overall, our concerns were received in a very respectful way. The tone of the night was calm yet powerful. There were many people – students, parents, and staff from different schools – there to speak on the issue of school funding and that was what was so powerful about it.

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