Program Results

High School Skill Growth

Each year, we provide mentoring services for high school seniors who need support in preparing college applications, including writing application essays, designing resumes, and building media portfolios. In FY11, nine high school seniors were enrolled in our high school programs, the Mentoring Video Project and the Youth Media Festival. All nine graduated and are currently enrolled in 2- or 4-year colleges or universities, including Wake Forest, Morgan State University, Coppin State University, Frostburg State University, Baltimore City Community College, and the Community College of Baltimore County.

Former high school participants have gone on to success in a variety of disciplines, from nursing to professional media production. In 2010, after graduating from Tuft’s University, MVP alumni Kyle Halle-Erby was awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarship to teach English as a foreign language in Colombia, and to conduct a youth media program in Bogotá.

Middle School Skill Growth

We collect information about our programs through the following means:

  • Student pre- and post-surveys help us to understand student motivations for participation and allow us to ensure that students have a say in our program design.
  • Parent/guardian surveys give us insight into the parents’/guardians’ goals for their children.
  • Audience surveys are used at live community events to assess the success of each project and to provide valuable feedback to the youth producers.
  • Wide Angle staff also use several layers of evaluation to ensure that our programs operate effectively: staff write daily reports and complete pre/post surveys for each program; frontline staff undergo twice-yearly performance evaluations; board members conduct periodic site visits to classes. Staff also use writing exercises and video interviews to record qualitative information about students’ experiences

Awards for Middle and High School Student Productions:

From 2010 – 2012, twenty different film festivals accepted nineteen of our films from states across America and even in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom! Ten of our students’ films have also received awards at film festivals and we have included a full list below of awards earned in 2011- 2012.


  • Recycle Man received Cine Youth 2011’s Best Public Service Announcement (Junior Division).
  • Recycle Man and A Global Look at Pollution received Shortie Con 2011’s Shortie Awards.
  • My Mom’s an Addict won best of the older youth category in the 2011 Gandhi Brigade’s Youth Media Festival.
  • The Student Docs Film Festival at the Creative Alliance in 2011 gave awards to both Teen Parenting and Behind the Beat in their rough cut stages.
  • At the Auburn International Film Festival For Children And Young Adults in 2011, the following six films received the Tadgell’s Bluebell Award for Best Short Made By Young Adults in the 15-22 years old category: Bullying in School, Gang Activity in Baltimore City, Human Rights Are For Everyone, Human Rights In Middle East Baltimore, Teen Parenting, and The Game Boys: Video Game Addiction. 


  • UTOPIA won in the middle school video category at the Gandhi Brigade Youth Media Festival.
  • Human Rights are for Everyone has been recognized inThe Gandhi Brigade Youth Media Festival: Top Ten, was accepted to Media That Matters 12, and won the Kids First Award, Got 2nd place in the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival in the Children’s Jury: Child-Produced Film category.
Our Programming Goals