Behind The Scenes: Attendance Collaborative Meeting

In November, our Attendance and Design presented their campaigns at the Family League of Baltimore for an Attendance Collaborative meeting, and watched other organizations present their initiatives.

Back row: Bryan Swann, Keishawn Dargon Front row: Bidii Bangawambo, Therese Famba, Cody Dorsey, Evodie Ngoy, Austin Jett

Back row: Bryan Swann, Keishawn Dargon
Front row: Bidii Bangawambo, Therese Famba, Cody Dorsey, Evodie Ngoy, Austin Jett

Our fall 2012 Attendance and Design Team gives us a behind the scenes take on what they have accomplished in the past year:

“Since I’ve joined Wide Angle’s Attendance and Design Team, I have learned a lot of things that I didn’t know like InDesign and Photoshop. I have had a chance to present my ideas to the A-GAME, Baltimore City Public School Administrators, and the staff of the Maryland Transportation Authority. Even though I was scared to present, it was helpful to practice presenting in front of a real audience” -Bidii Bangawambo, Wide Angle Attendance and Design Team Member

“As a person who has been a member of this team from the beginning, I can say that we have come far, from designing the Rate Your Ride posters in the spring to now planning to work on a commercial. The Attendance and Design team has been a big help to us as young people are able to help better our city, changing it from B-Less to B-More. I believe that we have not only made a difference in the Baltimore city, but also in the world with the works of art we continue to make. My wish is that every city had programs such as Wide Angle Youth Media. That way students are not going home to be bored, but are using their time and imagination to help better and change their communities.” – Evodie Ngoy, Wide Angle Attendance and Design Team Member

Going to school is important and it matters that students are going to school everyday and are paying attention. Our team designed posters to let our peers know how important school is:

We want to expand the Wide Angle Attendance and Design Team to become a core high school program in the coming years. Right now, the program focuses on attendance, but when it becomes a core program the issues become student selected surrounding more than one theme.While the issues facing Baltimore are daunting, student innovation and creativity provide amazing first-step solutions that can lead to a better Baltimore.

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