Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

In Fall 2014, middle school students from Wide Angle’s Baltimore Speaks Out! program at the Herring Run branch of The Enoch Pratt Library System explored the impact of materialism and consumerism on young people.

Youth Producers: Mikayla Z. Curtis, Don C. Egeonu, Nisha C. Jackson, Samuel I. Mark, Kiyanah A. Molenar, Nachelle A. Moore, Nickole Moore, Oluwasefunmi Oluwafemi, Ayooluwakiitan Oluwafemi, Destianey E. Jenkins, Mykayla D. Taylor, Corey T. Williams. Assistant Youth Producers: Danira T. Bernard, Brandon M. Grimes Jr., Trinity Michelle Mcinnis, Aiyonna Mary Mcinnis, Tikiyah Denise Molenar, Delroy I. Richardson, Charles Thomas, Keith Thomas, Jessica P. Wilson.

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A Teen’s Dream

Ricardo Amparo, a senior in Baltimore City and Youth Producer for our Mentoring Video Project, shares his views for a healthier, happier city for young people in Baltimore. Made in partnership with DB Productions and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a workshop at TED2015.

Originally debuted online here: rwjf.org/en/culture-of-health/2015/03/a_ted_dare_here_sr.html


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Munching on Lunch

This video was created by participants in Wide Angle Youth Media’s Baltimore Speaks Out! Program at the Patterson Park Public Charter School. Youth producers researched where cafeteria food comes from, federal standards for student meals, and explored ideas on how to keep the food both healthy and tasty.

A special “Thank You!” also goes out to all of the dedicated staff at Patterson Park Public Charter School and Baltimore City Public Schools who provide food and nutrition services to students and who helped to contribute to this video. We appreciate your positive attitudes, hard work, and diligence in ensuring that students are fed healthy, delicious meals every day!

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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

In the Fall of 2014, middle school students from Wide Angle’s Baltimore Speaks Out! program at the Herring Run branch of The Enoch Pratt Library System explored the impact of materialism and consumerism on young people.

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Free Running in Baltimore

Tyson Sanford-Griffin is a young man that loves free running and parkour, activities that involve finding acrobatic ways of moving through urban spaces. However, in this short film, Tyson explains how he often feels unsafe doing his favorite activity in his native city of Baltimore, MD.

Created in the fall of 2013 in Wide Angle Youth Media’s Mentoring Video Project, this film also won “Best Story Promoting a Cause Related to Youth or Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math” in TechSoup’s 2014 Storymakers contest!

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A Dose of Nature: An Exploration in Environmental Psychology

“I did this project out of my love for trees. I hope it encourages you to love them too.” – Carson Murphy, Youth Producer

Ever wonder how green spaces affect our behavior and emotions? In the spring of 2014, the youth producers in the Baltimore Speaks Out! program at Patterson Park Public Charter School set out to discover answers. They researched and documented green spaces and vacant lots in Baltimore and their effect on the community. They also found that green spaces reduce crime. These dedicated youth producers reached out to several community organizations to create their story. Created by Youth Producers: Karolina Cazorla, Gerardo Cervantes, Michael Garcia, Antonio Johnson, Taylor Key, Tayvon Lane, Ryan Lee, Carson Murphy, Alexander Ortega, Joy Sanders, Sonta Solomon, Ahniya Thomas, Kelly Zamudio. Assistant Youth Producers: Ni’Jae Collier, Segunda Mayingi, K-Shaud Watkins, Drakhan Webb.
What can YOU do to create more green spaces in Baltimore?  

“I made this film because when I didn’t go outside, I was bored. Now I go outside, I feel better and more active with others.” – Taylor Key, Youth Producer

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Stop the Arguments

During the 2014 spring semester in the Baltimore Speaks Out! Program at the Herring Run Library branch, youth producers decided to explore violence in their communities and how they can combat it. During our ten week program, students were introduced to the digital camera and learned the basics of photography and video recording. In addition to camera use, youth producers were taught how to use audio recording equipment, 3 point lighting, light painting, story boarding, script writing, and editing. They also learned how to work as a team, allowing them to create one class video, and got hands on experience with event planning and public speaking at our events.

In their Northeast Baltimore neighborhood, students see violence on a daily basis. They wanted to create a short video with a lighthearted tone to show an alternative to violence. As a class, they decided that “use your words, not your fist” was a good message to share with people. They believe violence can be avoided if people talk about their problems first before jumping to actions they may later regret. After weeks of hard work and dedication-from brainstorming ideas to production days in the library- the students’ film was complete. Although this is a video created by young people, we believe this is a message that can be shared with people of all ages!

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Bring the Peace

Youth producers in the Baltimore Speaks Out! Program at Patterson Park Public Charter School researched and discovered that violence kills over 1.5 million people a year worldwide (World Health Organization). They also discovered that 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and only intervene 4% of the time (DoSomething.org).

After discussing problems of violence and bullying in their own communities, they decided to create poems and take pictures that express their concerns. Students in this workshop learned all parts of the production process by researching their topic, writing self reflections, taking pictures in their community, recording audio and video, and presenting their work to their peers. What are some actions you can take to prevent bullying and violence in your own community?

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Living in a Food Desert

Did you know that 1 in 5 Baltimore residents lives in a food desert? Are you shocked? So were our youth producers in the Baltimore Speaks Out! program at the Reisterstown Road branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. In response to the food inequalities plaguing Baltimore City, they set out to learn why it is difficult to find affordable healthy food in their neighborhoods.

This group of talented young people interviewed Laura Flamm from Baltimore City Health Department, who explained that health disparities in Baltimore are driven by inequities in access to healthy food. Our youth producers discovered that initiatives like the mobile market, the grocery delivery program, and the school lunch program are working to bring healthy food to food deserts. To learn more about access to healthy food in Baltimore, and actions you can take too, watch “Living in a Food Desert” today!

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Reflecting Reality: “Dinner” by Spy Hop Productions

by Ykitta Martin, Mentoring Video Project Youth Producer

Hello, my name is Ykitta Martin and I am a high school intern at Wide Angle Youth Media. I am also in the Mentoring Video Project. In our last MVP class we watched a film called “Dinner” by Spy Hop Productions, a youth media program in Utah. I enjoyed this short film. It went into a lot of detail about how and why most people do or do not eat dinner with their families. The reason that I enjoyed it is because it is really uncommon to think about dinner in a huge way, as the video did. The video explained that when we do not take time to sit down and eat together with our families, we lose a lot of family time and conversation. It also showed how fast food is replacing most people’s family time. Knowing that this film was created by people my age speaks volumes to me because where I’m from, people do not usually deal with the small problems to see the bigger picture. Seeing this film made me think more about the small problems that actually cause major problems in our society and how they can be expressed to others. This film also made me want to spend even more time with my family, even though I already spend a lot of time with them, because dinner time is the best time for laughter and conversations.

Our Production Coordinator, David Sloan, met up with other youth media educations, including Spy Hop Productions, at a conference held in St. Paul, MN by the National Alliance for Art, Media, and Culture (NAMAC). In our Mentoring Video Project classes, we share short films with our students to discuss film concepts, and discuss issues youth producers from around the world are talking about.

Right now, students in our Mentoring Video Project are working on a short film about breaking the cycle of violence in Baltimore City. In the film, Wide Angle student producers will listen to young people who have personally experience violence or have been caught in this cycle. The finished product will be used as a tool to further advocate violence-prevention programs. You can help support our youth producers by donating now!

ykittasqYkitta Martin is 17 years old and attends Digital Harbor High School. She is a high school intern with Wide Angle Youth Media and the Urban Alliance. Next year, she plans to attend Towson University for film production. In her spare time she makes music and does plenty of video editing, and loves every aspect of it. Her life goal is to become a professional video editor and director or maybe someday even become a signed music artist.

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