Baltimore Through Our Eyes


In spring 2016, high school students from Wide Angle Youth Media’s Mentoring Video Project decided to make a video highlighting the positive side of Baltimore and breaking negative stereotypes of their city.

Youth Producers:
Marc Cruise, Tahir Juba, Natasha Martin, Joshua Moore, Sama Muhammad, Kaman Rogers

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After Freddie Gray: What Now?

In spring 2016, high school students at Wide Angle Youth Media decided to explore how the Baltimore Uprising in response to Freddie Gray’s death has impacted different youth-serving organizations. Hear from different voices about what is being done in Baltimore in the aftermath to shape supports for youth in the city.

Mentoring Video Project Youth Producers:
Victor Able
Tayvon Cole
Katia Crawford
Kailah Hall
William Mitchell
Niajea Randolph

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Intern Perspective: Kaitlin Winchester

I started college just outside of Baltimore in 2013 and before then I could count my trips to the city on one hand. Coming here I wanted to feel like part of the city, but I didn’t know how to find my footing. A professor in my Media and Communication Studies program would talk about this great non-profit called Wide Angle Youth Media and as I learned more I knew I had to get involved, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I put off getting involved until Wide Angle hosted a workshop at a conference I was attending. Long story short, I attended their workshop and learned more about their impact and what they do, so I applied for an internship and here I am writing this blog post!

Starting, I knew I wanted to learn things like how Wide Angle interacts with social media and works with sponsors for their programs. After my internship began I learned about other ways I could get involved, like helping with the Youth Photography Traveling Exhibit (YPTE) that travels to Farmers’ Markets around the city.

On my first day I helped go through and package 100 copies of the book “This Is Baltimore,” that were created with portraits from YPTE. What struck me was the motivation behind the YPTE that resulted in the book. During and after the Baltimore uprising, students and staff felt the need to portray Baltimore youth positively, contrary to the image that was constructed by the media. As someone not originally from the city, this is not an issue that often dawns on me. So I decided to begin volunteering with pop-up exhibits at Farmers’ Markets displaying the portraits around the city. Displaying the photos in public spaces in addition to galleries is really important because not everyone has the access or time to go to an art gallery. These exhibits allow exposure for the incredible talent the youth participants have and give us the opportunity to spread the word about how other students can get involved.

We’ll be at three upcoming Farmers’ Markets:

  • The Baltimore Museum of Industry Market on Saturday July 30th from 9AM-1PM
  • The Downtown Market on Sunday July 31 from 7AM to Noon
  • The Waverly Market on Saturday September 17 from 7AM to Noon

I encourage everyone to brave the heat and come see me at the Downtown Market this Sunday!

kaitlin About Kaitlin:

I am about to start my fourth (and hopefully last) year at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I am working toward a double major in Media and Communication Studies and International Relations with a certificate in French. After my internship I intend to stay involved with Wide Angle because I really believe in their mission and everyone here, from participants to staff, are truly amazing and have taught me so much in just two months.

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Welcome to our FY17 Board Leadership Team

Here at Wide Angle, July marks not only the kick-off for our summer programs and YouthWorks, but also the start of our new fiscal year. We’d like to share a big congratulations to our new board leadership team and extend our sincere gratitude to those board members whose terms are ending with the close of FY16 – and the many other board members who have offered their time, leadership, and expertise over the years. Please join us in welcoming our FY17 Board Leaders!

JeffMNewPicJeffrey Myers
Board President
“We have an incredibly talented group of board members, and I look forward to working closely together with them to advance the Wide Angle mission.”

Jeff is the Director of Communications for Constellation, an Exelon Company, where he is responsible for leading the internal and external communications strategy for Exelon’s competitive energy business, and was recently recognized with an Exelon Employee Volunteer Achievement Award. Having been born and raised in the Baltimore area, Jeff has long been passionate about supporting the Baltimore community, including through prior board memberships with the American Marketing Association in Baltimore and the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, as well as numerous volunteer efforts with Habitat for Humanity. Jeff brings his critical thinking skills and ability to translate strategy into message and action to serve the students and Board members of Wide Angle Youth Media.

DemetriaDemetria Barrett
Board Vice President
“Wide Angle is a fantastic organization and it is an honor to serve the people in my community and the youth of Baltimore City.”

Demetria Barrett serves as the Finance & Operations Manager at Campaign Consultation, Inc. As Finance and Operations Manager, Demetria is responsible for managing all functions pertaining to finance, facilities, and operations necessary to maintain an effective, efficient, and sound corporate environment. She is committed to creating sustainable outcomes, growing small businesses and volunteering.

RTWideAnglepic (1)Aarati Doddanna
Board Secretary
“I have lived in Baltimore for years, so it is imperative I serve the community that has been so welcoming to me. I am on the Board of Wide Angle because this is an organization that is committed to fostering the growth and skills of Baltimore’s youth in a meaningful way. I am always astounded by the creativity of our youth, and look forward to seeing their continued greatness.”

Aarati (RT) Doddanna is the Compliance Manager for Allegis Group, Inc., the largest privately held staffing company in the United States. In her current role, Ms. Doddanna focuses on enterprise wide compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws in North America. RT has volunteered for and served on boards of several non-profits in Washington, DC and Charleston, SC, respectively, and she is excited to be a part of Wide Angle, an organization that is committed to tapping into and cultivating the talent, knowledge and experience of the youth from the community where she lives.

Jeffrey GillisWebPic_JG
Board Treasurer
“Serving on the board is meaningful to me because I am able to participate with an organization that is giving a voice to young people in Baltimore City. Enabling them to express their feelings about the city and the neighborhoods they live in. Through various forms of media, the youth of Baltimore are able to bring attention to the issues that impact their lives and promote positive change going forward. I am glad to be part of a great team that is giving children and young adults the tools they need to feel/be empowered that they can make a difference. That people will listen. And great things will happen for them in the future.”

Jeff is currently the CFO of Barcoding, Inc, and oversees the accounting, financial services and human resources departments of the company and its subsidiaries. A 2015 recipient of the Baltimore Business Journal’s Best in Finance: CFO Award, Jeff is a Maryland CPA and has more than 20 years of experience in the financial, accounting, strategic planning, and account management spaces. Jeff strives to apply his accounting, finance and tax experience to help Wide Angle Youth Media achieve its goals and mission.


Interested in becoming a board member?
Wide Angle Youth Media is always interested in getting to know engaged and experienced volunteers who are interested in joining a team of dedicated individuals working to empower the next generation of civic leaders in Baltimore.

Please e-mail our Executive Director Susan Malone to get the conversation started.

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Safe Spaces

Students from the Baltimore Speaks Out Program at Patterson Park Public Charter School share things that they find funny, things that they like, and things that they worry about when it comes to being a young person in Baltimore.

Baltimore Speaks Out Youth Producers:
Faith Carter-Topp
Desiree Garcia
Ceaser Jimenez-Zamudio
Malachi Jones
Ja’Niya Joseph
Joyce Kasiama
Omarion Lopez
Daniela Rodriguez
Ty’Jai Smith

Baltimore Speaks Out Assistant Youth Producers:
Maria Foreman
Ma’Kyah Gyant
Na’Kayah Hunt
Calin Jones
Joyce Kasiama
Sanai Matthews
Dallas Solomon
Jabez Solomon
Karon Williams


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Join us for our Annual Closing Ceremony!

Celebrate the end of the spring semester with us! On June 15th from 5-7pm, come check out project highlights from students in the Mentoring Video Project (MVP) & Design Team and youth participants in the “This Is Baltimore” book. There will be a chance to view MVP final videos and spring Design Team projects as well as an end of the year awards celebration! Since we’re fans of collaboration it will be a potluck-style event, so please let us know in advance if you are able to attend and whether or not you plan to bring a dish. We hope to see you there!

HS Closing Ceremony 2016 flyer

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On April 28, 2015 – a day after Baltimore made headlines around the world for its collective response to the death of Freddie Gray – Wide Angle Youth Media students and staff were compelled to use their documentary skills to project positive images of Baltimore youth. Over the past year, Wide Angle Youth Media collected photographs at spring protests and through workshops at schools, libraries and organizations in more than 15 neighborhoods. The result is this compilation of youth produced photographs that show a city filled with hope, vitality and resilience.  This online publication is free for anyone to view, and over 200 hardcover copies of this book have been delivered to participating workshop sites, students, donors, community members, and a selection of local universities and libraries.

In addition to the book release, students in Wide Angle Youth Media’s advanced high school production program, the Mentoring Video Project, have created 9 audio stories reflecting on a memory from the past year.

Last spring, media producers across the world – many of whom had never before set foot in the city – flocked to Baltimore to cover its unrest following the death of Freddie Gray. In the wake of this activity, I felt urgent pride in the work happening at Wide Angle Youth Media (Wide Angle). While many media organizations were portraying the city in a negative light, Wide Angle was empowering students to continue sharing their stories with greater context.

In the months that followed, I challenged my students to think about what role they played in taking ownership of their narratives. Each student’s perspective and outlook on their surrounding environment is a reflection of their individual experiences in Baltimore. Students discussed in what ways the media failed to share highlights across the city beyond Freddie Gray and protests. And while we continued to reflect on the significance of the events of April 2015, we also began sharing personal momentums and achievements that added to Baltimore’s history in 2015. From winning a sports tournament to identity conflicts during the protests to attending anime conventions — these small moments represent a larger image of how its youth are participating in and contributing to the city’s lifeline.

Based on these discussions, Wide Angle producers from the Mentoring Video Project produced a collection of events that impacted them throughout the year. They reflect on the larger community values and records, that cannot be replaced with big media. – Mawish Raza, MVP Lead Instructor


Niajea Victor Tayvon Tahir Sama marissa Logan Kendall Kamen Kailah

Support for This Is Baltimore has been made possible by: Baltimore Community Foundation’s Rebuilding Baltimore Fund, Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Maryland Humanities Council’s Humanities Fund for Baltimore, Maryland Public Television, Maryland State Arts Council, MurthyNAYAK Foundation, and Open Society Institute-Baltimore. Over 150 students, staff, community members, and volunteers also helped bring this project to life.

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Interested in purchasing a hardcover book of your own? E-mail info@wideanglemedia.org.

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A Day with the Mentoring Video Project and guest artist Bill Zorzi

By Katia Crawford, WAYM Youth Producer

Katia Headshot_forwebThis November, I was invited to Ms. Mawish’s MVP (Mentoring Video Project) class. I didn’t really know what to expect but I saw a group of students telling their stories about the city of Baltimore in their own special way and I became interested in what these students do. I am a student myself, but I’m in Wide Angle’s Design Team. Recently, in the Design Team, we’re working on an animation called “Never Late Nate” and are creating icons to represent topics related to schools’ academics and their environment.

Now in MVP, spending a class with them was amazing. The students have taken a slight poetic turn, which peaked my personal interest since I like to write poetry, on the stories they’ve come up with about topics that they want to talk about based on their own experiences, mainly in the year 2015. We all had a chance to hear about each other’s story and the music they’ve created to set the tone. We also critiqued each other’s ideas and scripts while suggesting what their videos would look like. Now I wish I had a chance to do this project!

During the class, we were lucky to meet Bill Zorzi, writer of The Wire Season 4, and boy was he interesting. Mr. Zorzi has a way of making you feel like you’ve accomplished something even though you may have a lot more work to do. This just shows that you’re making progress and that’s the key to writing a script. Bill Zorzi showed us a large binder of papers and guess what it was…a script!

Mr. Zorzi showed a sample of a script, but in different colors. Now we were all wondering, “Why are they in different colors if it is the same script”? Well, Mr. Zorzi explained to us how it represents the progress throughout making the script, so each color showed some new changes, either added or taken away, from the script. He also encouraged us to continue to keep trying even when we have many parts that need to be changed. Writing a script seems stressful, but the outcome of the TV production will benefit from all that colorful, hard work. Overall, I had a great time with MVP and I’m hoping to see their finished projects and join them as a student in the next semester.

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Never Late Nate

Part One! Created by youth in Wide Angle’s Design Team, this short animation features attendance superhero Never Late Nate, preparing for another successful day at school when his cat Fluffy alerts him that there is a student on the verge of being late. Nate flies over to help but learns that the student in need is not the only person waiting for him…

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