Never Late Nate

Part One! Created by youth in Wide Angle’s Design Team, this short animation features attendance superhero Never Late Nate, preparing for another successful day at school when his cat Fluffy alerts him that there is a student on the verge of being late. Nate flies over to help but learns that the student in need is not the only person waiting for him…

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Making Choices: A High School Senior’s Thoughts on the Importance of Good Attendance

By Laurell Glenn, Wide Angle Design Team Member
Digital Harbor High School, ‘15
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, ‘19

In life there is always a domino effect. Every decision you make affects you one way or another. That’s why it is important to make good choices.

At the beginning of my senior year at Digital Harbor High School, I was tired and completely ready to be done with school. I started off with bad attendance because I wasn’t getting to school on time. I noticed that my grades for first period were starting to fall and I knew it would mess up my GPA. I knew that if my grades fell, my college choice list would be limited. I realized that I wasn’t making good decisions and that there was something I needed to change about my morning routine. For example, I decided to get everything ready the night before so that I wouldn’t have to do it in the morning. I knew I had to do what I needed to do in order to be done and move on to the next chapter of my life. My grades started to improve as well as my GPA so I was able to apply and get accepted into five different colleges. I would not have been able to do this if I wasn’t getting to school on time.

As a part of Wide Angle’s Attendance and Design Team, we worked to develop animated ads about attendance for AcademBot, a website that gives you the power to easily find, rank, and compare colleges based on what’s important to you. We hope that high school students who see the ads will be persuaded to make good decisions that will benefit them as they apply to college.

“Do your best and get good grades. Doing your best also means doing your best in getting there on time.” – Sama Muhammad, Freshman at the School of Original Thought

2015-03-11 18.46.13







Photoshoot for the Academbot Attendance Ads

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Second Chances: a short documentary on suspension

SecondChangesOver 50,000 young people are suspended in Maryland each year. 41% of these suspensions are for misbehavior such as falling asleep in class, school uniform violation or talking back to teachers. Additionally, for every one White student that is suspended in Maryland, three African American students are suspended. Students in Wide Angle Youth Media’s Design Team and Mentoring Video Project collaborated to create Second Chances, a short documentary on the topic of suspension in Maryland.

Second Chances Part One (Intro):

Second Chances Part Two (School Profiles):

Additional Resources:

Second Chances Film Discussion & Professional Development Tool

The School Discipline Process Handbook

Suspension infoPlaylist


This video was made possible by:

















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Check it out: Final Films from the Robotic Video Workshop!

These short films were created through a special Youth Speaks Out program in the summer of 2015, providing youth ages 10-15 with free media education in their own community.


Special Thanks to:

  • Constellation Energy for supporting this workshop and the Lego Robotic Kits.
  • The Pratt Contemporaries for supporting the purchases of new iPads for programming robots and for fall workshops.
  • The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation for supporting our Youth Speaks Out! Program
  • The employees of Constellation for volunteering their time and energy.
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Meet our Summer Intern Jasmine!

Jasmine_WrightMy name is Jasmine Wright, I am a summer intern here at Wide Angle Media. My focus is Communications. As an intern, I hope to gain more experience in social media communications, blogging, and writing better leads and headlines for news stories.

One thing I noticed right way here is that this truly is a friendly, community-based organization. As someone who is a youth worker at my church, I love that middle school and high school students from all across Baltimore City and come together to create and produce films, as well as tell their stories.

A video that I found interesting is “Youth Soul”. Not only am I a fan of poetry, (Then again why would I not be a fan of poetry? I am a poet.) I love the message that Charday Hall conveys in the piece.

If you have not seen Youth Soul, you need to check it out!

Jasmine Wright is a college senior studying in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Media at Central State University in Wilberforce, OH.


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Mark Your Calendars!


Join us on Tuesday, June 16th for our annual end of year High School Closing Ceremony!

We’ll be setting up special stations throughout our newly renovated office space for family and community members to check out student media projects from The Mentoring Video Project and the Attendance and Design Team. This is your chance to chat behind the scenes with our talented youth producers about their incredible media projects!


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The Twilight Phone

There is a future that is destined for society. It is a future that revolves around a single inanimate object that does a lot, but does very little. It keeps users in touch with everybody, but no one. It keeps eyes down and causes poor posture. It is the middle ground between reality and cyberspace. This is our future. It is an area which we call the Twilight Phone.

This video was created by participants in Wide Angle Youth Media’s Baltimore Speaks Out! Program at the Patterson Park Public Charter School.

Youth Producers:
Joelle Barnes, Bethel Crouse, Markell Foster, Brianna Hoyt-Cooper, Lill Hoyt-Copper, Amaris Johnson, Antonio Johnson, Tayvon Lane, Ryan Lee, Jaimira Parran, Joy Sanders, Ty’Quan Smith, Avery Stewart, Dassan Thomas, Darrin Yancey, Kelly Zamudio-Rosales

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Celebrity Camouflage: Are Celebrities Role Models?

In Spring 2015, middle school students from Wide Angle’s Baltimore Speaks Out! program at the Reisterstown Road branch of the Enoch Pratt Library examined the influence celebrities have on kids. Youth Producers: Chatier Fleming, Brittni Kennedy, Aiyanah Muhammad, Jannah Muhammad, N’Dera Muhammad, Seti Norris, and Leila Petku.

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Stop by our Youth Photography Traveling Exhibition!


Last summer, Wide Angle Youth Media’s Youth Photography Traveling Exhibit partnered with the Enoch Pratt Free Library to provide Baltimore city youth the opportunity to create photographic portaits of themselves and their community. We are proud to announce that through support from the Pratt Contemporaries, the work is on display as part of a traveling showcase throughout June.

We hope you can join us in celebrating the creativity of our city’s youth!

The photos will be at each branch as scheduled:

Govans Branch
Displayed May 5th-16th, reception is May 5th at 4pm

Pennsylvania Avenue Branch
Displayed May 4th-16th, reception is May 13th at 4pm

Forest Park Branch
Displayed June 1st-13th, reception is June 1st at 4pm

Reisterstown Road Branch
Displayed June 1st-13th, reception is June 3rd at 4pm

Herring Run Branch
Displayed June 1st-13th, reception is June 9th at 4pm

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