Making Choices: A High School Senior’s Thoughts on the Importance of Good Attendance

By Laurell Glenn, Wide Angle Design Team Member
Digital Harbor High School, ‘15
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, ‘19

In life there is always a domino effect. Every decision you make affects you one way or another. That’s why it is important to make good choices.

At the beginning of my senior year at Digital Harbor High School, I was tired and completely ready to be done with school. I started off with bad attendance because I wasn’t getting to school on time. I noticed that my grades for first period were starting to fall and I knew it would mess up my GPA. I knew that if my grades fell, my college choice list would be limited. I realized that I wasn’t making good decisions and that there was something I needed to change about my morning routine. For example, I decided to get everything ready the night before so that I wouldn’t have to do it in the morning. I knew I had to do what I needed to do in order to be done and move on to the next chapter of my life. My grades started to improve as well as my GPA so I was able to apply and get accepted into five different colleges. I would not have been able to do this if I wasn’t getting to school on time.

As a part of Wide Angle’s Attendance and Design Team, we worked to develop animated ads about attendance for AcademBot, a website that gives you the power to easily find, rank, and compare colleges based on what’s important to you. We hope that high school students who see the ads will be persuaded to make good decisions that will benefit them as they apply to college.

“Do your best and get good grades. Doing your best also means doing your best in getting there on time.” – Sama Muhammad, Freshman at the School of Original Thought

2015-03-11 18.46.13







Photoshoot for the Academbot Attendance Ads

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Second Chances: a short documentary on suspension

SecondChangesOver 50,000 young people are suspended in Maryland each year. 41% of these suspensions are for misbehavior such as falling asleep in class, school uniform violation or talking back to teachers. Additionally, for every one White student that is suspended in Maryland, three African American students are suspended. Students in Wide Angle Youth Media’s Design Team and Mentoring Video Project collaborated to create Second Chances, a short documentary on the topic of suspension in Maryland.

Second Chances Part One (Intro):

Second Chances Part Two (School Profiles):

Additional Resources:

Second Chances Film Discussion & Professional Development Tool

The School Discipline Process Handbook

Suspension infoPlaylist


This video was made possible by:

















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Meet our Summer Intern Jasmine!

Jasmine_WrightMy name is Jasmine Wright, I am a summer intern here at Wide Angle Media. My focus is Communications. As an intern, I hope to gain more experience in social media communications, blogging, and writing better leads and headlines for news stories.

One thing I noticed right way here is that this truly is a friendly, community-based organization. As someone who is a youth worker at my church, I love that middle school and high school students from all across Baltimore City and come together to create and produce films, as well as tell their stories.

A video that I found interesting is “Youth Soul”. Not only am I a fan of poetry, (Then again why would I not be a fan of poetry? I am a poet.) I love the message that Charday Hall conveys in the piece.

If you have not seen Youth Soul, you need to check it out!

Jasmine Wright is a college senior studying in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Media at Central State University in Wilberforce, OH.


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Mark Your Calendars!


Join us on Tuesday, June 16th for our annual end of year High School Closing Ceremony!

We’ll be setting up special stations throughout our newly renovated office space for family and community members to check out student media projects from The Mentoring Video Project and the Attendance and Design Team. This is your chance to chat behind the scenes with our talented youth producers about their incredible media projects!


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Stop by our Youth Photography Traveling Exhibition!


Last summer, Wide Angle Youth Media’s Youth Photography Traveling Exhibit partnered with the Enoch Pratt Free Library to provide Baltimore city youth the opportunity to create photographic portaits of themselves and their community. We are proud to announce that through support from the Pratt Contemporaries, the work is on display as part of a traveling showcase throughout June.

We hope you can join us in celebrating the creativity of our city’s youth!

The photos will be at each branch as scheduled:

Govans Branch
Displayed May 5th-16th, reception is May 5th at 4pm

Pennsylvania Avenue Branch
Displayed May 4th-16th, reception is May 13th at 4pm

Forest Park Branch
Displayed June 1st-13th, reception is June 1st at 4pm

Reisterstown Road Branch
Displayed June 1st-13th, reception is June 3rd at 4pm

Herring Run Branch
Displayed June 1st-13th, reception is June 9th at 4pm

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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

In the Fall of 2014, middle school students from Wide Angle’s Baltimore Speaks Out! program at the Herring Run branch of The Enoch Pratt Library System explored the impact of materialism and consumerism on young people.

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Capital Campaign

Wide Angle Youth Media is proud to announce we are expanding and renovating our current office space in Miller’s Court! In the coming months we will share with you before and after images. We would like to thank the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development for awarding Wide Angle Youth Media with a generous Neighborhood Business Grant.

Additional Capital Campaign Support has been provided by:

      An Anonymous Donor
      Clayton Baker Trust
      The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation
      Constellation Energy
      The France-Merrick Foundation
      Seawall Development

If you are interested in learning more about supporting Wide Angle’s Capital Campaign, four room naming opportunities remain. Please email Wide Angle’s Executive Director, Susan Malone at susan@wideanglemedia.org for more information. We are tentatively planning an official unveiling of the new space in the late spring. In the meantime, thank you for your patience while we are currently under construction!

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Reflecting on Wide Angle Youth Media


Alexandria Hemphill, a Loyola University undergraduate, interned at Wide Angle Youth Media in the summer of 2014 to assist with Communications and our Traveling Photography Workshops. Here, she looks back on her experience.

My first day at Wide Angle Youth Media: I walked down the hall and into the office, a spacious area that bustled with talented teens working at computers. Students and administrators in the room greeted me with a warm welcome. I was blown away by the skills that the kids exhibited and their incredible technique with film. Twitter, Facebook, and the blog-site became second nature to me as I posted every day. At first, events in Baltimore seemed like nothing new to me: I had seen pretty much all of Baltimore, but it was not until my time at Wide Angle that I really began to explore the city. A couple of weeks into the internship, I teamed up with Moira, Meggie, and Emelia, another WAYM intern. The four of us set up tripods, projectors and cameras at the Herring Run Branch of the Enoch Pratt Library. With their cameras in hand, each student was excited to walk around the community to tell their own story through photography. In a local steel mill that we found, metalworkers blazed through thick hunks of steel with powerful lasers almost too bright to capture on camera.

My second workshop was at the Reisterstown Road Branch. My group and I discovered all kinds of interesting places in the plaza. From bakeries where customers spoke Hebrew to colorful nail salons and markets, Reisterstown Road was so visually dynamic. That same day, we all got to experience life on set at a local production company, Blue Rock Productions. When we walked in we were greeted by a sign made just for us that read “Welcome Wide Angle Youth Photography Workshop!”. The studio had filmed plenty of Baltimore heroes in the past including Michael Phelps and Haloti Ngata. A high-tech digital movie camera sat in the middle of the room: we all felt like were in a movie as the camera captured our every move. The kids asked plenty of questions and their enthusiasm was palpable as they explored the set, snapping pictures in front of the large backdrop.

Last but not least was our trip to Govans, a scenic Baltimore neighborhood where we connected with nature through photography. Classically styled houses lined the streets and we all eventually met at a peaceful pond at the end of the block. Students took in the beautiful sights of plants and flowers that we encountered. Just as we had done in previous workshops, we were able to capture the beauty of Baltimore both behind the lens and with our own eyes.

Before I thought I had seen pretty much all there was to see in Baltimore, but photography allows you to take something familiar and turn it into something extraordinary and new. A subject can be more than it appears and to truly appreciate the beauty around you, sometimes you have to look at it through a Wide Angle.

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Join us at our High School Program Closing Ceremony!

Every year, Wide Angle Youth Media hosts a high school Closing Ceremony. This celebration marks the end of another incredible year working with Baltimore youth – and this year was exceptional! The Mentoring Video Project students used digital storytelling to produce films about Baltimore issues, one about youth homelessness and another about suspension policy discrepancies. The Attendance and Design Team created videos for the MTA, completed an activity book for young children, and more! On Thursday, Wide Angle will host a closing ceremony like no other! This awesome pot-luck and showcase is open to the public, so stop by and feel free bring some food too! The event will be in Conference Room 2 at Millers Court on Thursday, May 22, between 5 and 7 pm. We encourage you to come meet these talented artists! RSVP to david@wideanglemedia.org or becky@wideanglemedia.org or call (443) 759-6700.

HSClosingCeremony copy

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Blessed is the Peacemaker

A lot of youth in Baltimore City either fall victim or lose a loved one to gun violence. Blessed is the Peacemaker is a short film developed by Wide Angle Youth Media’s Mentoring Video Project. The video shows the impact of an organization called Safe Streets, an outreach program that fights to prevent gun violence and homicides in many communities throughout Baltimore, and profiles their leading member, Tard Carter.

This video was produced in the Spring of 2013 by Mentoring Video Project Youth Producers Taqi Juba, Ghani Muhammad, Evodie Ngoy, Tyson Sandford-Griffin, and Joshua White.

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