Wide Angle’s Design Team

Wide Angle’s Design Team is a an after-school program that offers 12 high school aged youth the opportunity to gain advanced graphic design and media training while developing their public speaking, leadership, and marketing skills. Participants meet 4-6 hours a week during the academic year to independently create 6 design campaigns that aim to improve school climate and attendance in Baltimore.  The Team meets from Late September to May on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30pm-7:00pm.

This program takes place at the Wide Angle Youth Media main office at 2601 N. Howard Street, Suite 160.  You must be a Baltimore City Public School student to participate in this program.


  1. Download and print an application BY CLICKING HERE.
  2. Please write clearly and have a parent or guardian sign the form.
  3. MAILDROP OFF, OR FAX your completed application to:
    MAIL: Wide Angle Youth Media, 2601 N. Howard Street, Suite #160, Baltimore MD 21218
    DROP OFF: your completed application to:
    Wide Angle Youth Media, 2601 N. Howard Street, Suite #160, Baltimore MD 21218
    FAX: Wide Angle Youth Media, 410-752-7053