Field Trip: Towson University EMF Major Day

By Wide Angle students Max, Kynel, and Kaira









Blood, gore, horror! In the Towson University Electronic Media & Film (EMF) “Major For A Day” program, these are the things we learned in the “Blood and Screams” class. We talked about our favorite horror movies and how different components of horror movies stay the same. In the Gothic Era, there are the abandoned castles, the woman that goes on her own to investigate, and the hypnotic eyes. The imagery has changed throughout the years, but the genre remains relatively the same. Below you can read more about what other things we experienced during the day:

“My experience Towson University was really intriguing. I tried out different types of filters for green screens. I also learned how to use the cameras to see different zoom ins and outs. The classes that I found were very interesting. The stop motion class seem boring at first but seeing the entire process, it was shockingly fun from my perspective. I learned about different video techniques.”

“My experience at Towson University gave me a brand-new perspective of what is it like on campus. It has given me an experience that not a lot of kids have to be on campus and feel like an actual college student. It has changed my mindset. It’s a great chance to see what college classes are like and what the courses are like etc. I am planning on going to Towson after my wonderful experience there.”

“My experience at Towson University was really fun. There was a green screen room where we learned how to use cameras that would be used in TV stations and we saw the different backgrounds that could be put onto the green screen. The last class I went to was a stop motion animation class, where we used characters from The Office and gave them a script. The whole creation was a process where you had to follow certain steps, and you had to be careful to not get your hand in the frame.”

In general, college seems like a scary experience. Talking to the professors, going to all the different classes, and being on such a big campus may seem intimidating at first. However, after having a tour to see for yourself, you’ll see that it’s not as bad as you once thought.

This Wide Angle field trip opportunity was made possible by a grant from Towson University & Pepsi.

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