• Introduce critical 21st century learning skills such as media and digital literacy;
  • Provide high-quality media education training services;
  • Teach skills that are not available through their schools, as well as access to media technology they may not otherwise have;
  • Support underserved youth in their learning and development;
  • Connect youth to their community by exploring issues that are relevant to their lives;
  • Provide youth with service learning hours for community service and engagement;
  • Develop workforce readiness skills – including teamwork, creativity, interpreting information, and technical skills – in young people from under-resourced neighborhoods.  These skills will be developed through project-based learning that results in completed media projects.  Our goal is to see a 20% increase in all skills and teamwork occurring in 80% of all classes;
  • Support youth as they use media to educate, advocate, and inspire others.


  • Providing free and accessible training in media production and media literacy to over 375 youth – ages 10-20 – each year.
  • Helping youth in our program produce at least 12 videos annually about their lives and communities. Past topics for videos have included school bullying, gang activity, environmentalism, and neighborhood redevelopment.
  • Increasing the number of youth we serve and audience members we reach each year.