Help D’Andre and His Team Finish Their Documentary

Support their Wide Angle project with your donation.

For Baltimore youth, finding employment is difficult. D’Andre Guess and his team of producers wanted to know why this is and are creating a documentary to share their findings.They need $3,500 by May 31st to finish their film. Your donation of:
  • $25 supplies D’Andre and his team with bus passes for shooting on location.
  • $30 provides two-hours of filming, editing, and mentoring with our staff.
  • $50 supports outreach for film screenings where our students discuss their film with community members.

Donors will be listed as producers in the film’s credits and will be invited to a special event this summer. Don’t miss out. Donate now.Donations are tax-deductible and help to provide:
  • Filming, editing, and mentoring by our staff: $1,800
  • DVD creation and distribution: $1,200
  • Youth producer transportation costs: $500
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