How will young people prepare for success, if they cannot gain experience now?

D’Andre Guess, McKinely Coleman, and Ghani Muhammad are making a film about this issue that is universal.  That issue is youth employment; youth make up nearly one fifth of the world’s population, and HALF of the world’s unemployed.

In July of last summer, only 48.8% of youth ages 16-24 were employed in the United States.  That left 4.1 million youth without jobs, only down from 4.4 million in July 2010 – a record high.

It’s a truth and an inevitability that youth will inherit the economy.  It is an understatement to say that moving from minimal job experience to great economic responsibility is a huge leap.

How will our young people prepare for success in their careers if they cannot gain experience now?

D’Andre Guess and his team want to explore this issue further, but they need your help now to complete this project. They needs $3,500 by May 31st.

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