Jeff & Sumayyah’s Trip to Super-Fly Film Festival in Seattle

They made it! With the help of our supporters, Jeff and Sumayyah made it to Seattle with Wide Angle’s Middle School Coordinator, Sarah Milinski! Their trip involved learning about the local tribe in the area at Lummi National, and seeing the beautiful sites of Washington State. They spent 36 hours planning, shooting, and editing a short film with 50 other youth filmmakers from around the United States.

“Superfly was the scariest experience of my life but I loved it.” Sumayyah says about her first plane ride and experience in Seattle at the Superfly Film Festival. The trip involved long hours, but tons of fun and priceless experiences. Jeff reflects on their trip saying, “The three days were so fun having to stay up during the shoot.  We had to last those days off of excitement and coffee, but it all paid off at the end at the theater where we were able to see our wonderful films on the big screen.” 
The final edits of the video were done at 3am ready for the premier and wrap party. Sarah, Sumayyah, and Jeff both look forward to the next travel opportunity!

Special Thanks To:  Jane Brown, Bonnie Crawford, Gin Ferrara & David Pepper, Kim Gordy, Carma Halterman, Harrington Family, Doug Lee, Linwood McDaniel, Meghan Milinski, Angela Natale & Ira Weinstein, Genny Roanhouse, Christopher Ross and Jill Jonnes,and Ray & Nadine Weinstein,

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