Refocused: John Bakker


John Bakker. Film Major and Wide Angle Alum, 2012

John Bakker participated in our programs from 2010 to 2011. He graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts in 2012. While in the Mentoring Video Project, John was a producer on films such as The Game Boys, a film focusing on video game addiction. Our staffs’ mentoring often goes beyond the classroom as we encourage our students not only through the media making process, but also through the college application process, and as they are looking for employment. John is now studying film at Virginia Commonwealth University and he reflect here about the skills he learned in our program that he now applies in his academic journey:

John Bakker on a field trip in 2010

John Bakker on a field trip in 2010

“Wide Angle Youth Media helped me learn many of the skills necessary for filmmaking, such as lighting, screenplay writing, and editing, as well as giving me confidence in my abilities as a filmmaker. I firmly believe without the guidance of my Mentoring Video Project coordinators I would not have gotten into Virginia Commonwealth University. Wide Angle provides a program for youths from every walk of life and a chance to express themselves creatively while also building confidence and teaching life skills. Wide Angle opened my eyes and helped me see things from more than one perspective.”

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