Refocused: Lendl Tellington

Wide Angle's founder Gin Ferrara with students in our Mentoring Video Project in 2004

Our founder Gin Ferrara with Mentoring Video Project youth producers, 2003

Twelve years ago, Wide Angle Youth Media was founded with the goal of providing young people in Baltimore City an after school opportunity that would teach them critical thinking, leadership, and video production skills. Our organization has embraced and expanded upon these goals. We are proud to say in 2013 we will reach 10,000 international audience members while providing free quality after school programs to over 300 young people.

We could not be where we are today without the support of so many community members, families, and partner organizations. The continued commitment of our supporters and funders has impacted the lives of our 2,500 students over the past 12 years. Commemorating this landmark year and our alumni’s stories, we will be featuring our alumni each month here on our blog, and you can join us in this journey by purchasing our 2013 calendar.

Lendl Tellington

Lendl Tellington

We asked our alumni to reflect on their journey from our programs to higher education to the workforce, so that we could share their voices and stories once again. Lendl Tellington participated in our programs between 2004 and 2006. Lendl went to the Baltimore School for the Arts, and went on to study at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia for two years. He is now the Director at Sukkatash, a film and motion design group specialized in creative branding for artists, musicians, and small businesses. Lendl is also the Creative Director for HyLo Boutiques, a Philly-Based fashion and design collective. Lendl shared with us his reflection on his time in our programs:

Lendl in our Mentoring Video Project in 2005

Lendl as a youth producer in our Mentoring Video Project, 2005

I am a creative individual. Growing up, I rarely saw opportunities for success in the creative world. Wide Angle Youth Media opened a door to a community of successful, like-minded individuals across the country. These individuals run festivals, found their own companies, and make films. Seeing this created an insatiable hunger for building my own ventures.As an alumnus of Wide Angle’s programs, I graduated to a paid position instructing middle and high school youth video production and media literacy. When it was time for me to start my own business, the transition was seamless. I had traveled the country, screened my films in festivals, and wrote grants, scripts, treatments, and business plans, all before going to college. These skills and experiences people attain in college I had prior simply because I wanted to use a camera for two hours, two days a week.

Seldom are youth able to maximize their growth because a wall separates young people from connecting to their own potential. The amazing thing is that once a young person taps into this potential, the world is limitless. A young person who is given tools and the trust to create can build beyond what they can even fathom. If I hadn’t been a student at Wide Angle, I wouldn’t be the businessman I am today. Having the platform to see the world allowed me to see my place in it.

Watch Schooling Baltimore Street, a short film that Lendl produced while he was in our programs. We are extremely proud of our alumni, and will be sharing their voices again here on our blog, our Facebook page, and our email list.

In 2013, we will provide free high-quality media education to over 300 young people in Baltimore City.

Join us in supporting their voices by pledging $12 every month for 2013 and help us continue to share youth voice in Baltimore: wideanglemedia.org/donate

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