On The Set with Eliot Pearson Jr.


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Last month we hosted our fundraiser and art auction, On The Set. Along with reporters from The Baltimore Sun and The Baltimore Times, one of our youth reporters, Eliot Pearson Jr, was there capturing audio interviews with our guests. The night was filled with conversations about the local film industry between our guests, and producers and crew members from award-winning cable television series Treme, VEEP, and The Wire.

Eliot is a youth producer in our Baltimore Speaks Out! Program at the Herring Run Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. The students recently debuted their spring film, We Are Heroes. Eliot shares with us his favorite moments from On The Set:


Youth Producer Ykitta Martin at her station with Writer Bill Zorzi. Brian Schneider Photography

What did you think of On the Set? Tell me about your experience and how you felt. What was your favorite moment, and why?

I really liked the event, and it was pretty cool. I liked the experience of being on set. I think my favorite moment was talking to Mr. Bill Zorzi (Writer). He was really fun to talk to.

What was the most interesting thing you saw or heard?

The most interesting thing I saw was the TV show that was created by Mr. Ken Arnold (Actor) the show was very nice and interesting.

Who did you interview?

I interviewed a lot of peoplebut the nicest person I interviewed was Mr. Matt Porterfield (Director), and the funniest speaker was Ms. Nina K. Noble (Producer) because she had some pretty cool stories to share. In one of her stories, she had to travel for two weeks to find the right dirt for a movie. The director was very specific about the right dirt.

Did anything or anyone surprise you? If so tell us about it.

A person that really surprised me was Ms. Pat Moran (Casting Director) because she has worked with so many famous people in the film industry including Johnny Depp and Chris Rock!

Youth Producer discussing product placement with Lisa Dietrich, Set Decorator & VP of Green Product Placement. Photo by Brian Schneider Photography.

Youth Producer discussing product placement with Lisa Dietrich, Set Decorator & VP of Green Product Placement. Photo by Brian Schneider Photography.

How did it feel to talk to people in the film industry?

It felt awesome to talk with people in the film industry. I thought that it was pretty easy, but I was a bit nervous about it.

Who was your favorite person to interview overall? Why?

My favorite person to talk with was Mr. Bill Zorzi (Writer), he was nice and knows how to get a conversation going. Mr. Bill was fun to talk to because he had interesting things to say and was a very smart and knowledgeable man.

Who’s “getting into the industry” story was the best?

I think Mr. Ken Arnold (Actor)‘s story was the best to me because he made a big leap from a pro baseball player to a media producer.

What did you learn from this experience?

I learned a lot from this experience, and something that stuck out to me is that you have to stay professional in front of the “Big Guys” in the business. I also learned that it sure is fun to talk to new people and learn about their background. I have also learned some new reporting skills, like using audio instead of video.

Big thanks to our sponsors and volunteers who made our event, On The Set, a success: The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Tooloulou Pizza, Bonaparte Breads, Brian Schneider Photography, Carma’s Cafe, Green Product Placement, Hamilton Bakery, NV Salon Collective, Public Works Ale, Single Carrot Theatre, Total Wines, and Washburn Wine Company!

We Are Heroes4Eliot Leland Pearson Jr. is a 6th grader at Hamilton Elementary/Middle School and a student in our Baltimore Speaks Out Program at the Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Herring Run branch. His hobbies include art, but he really likes to build. He is interested in architecture and hopes to become a great architect and a well known artist. Eliot is interested in Wide Angle Youth Media because he wants to learn how to make videos about his interest in the growth of technology and it’s industry. Eliot is also interested in environmental issues such as waste of materials.


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