FY18-FY22 Wide Angle Strategic Plan



Since 2000, Wide Angle Youth Media (WAYM) has partnered with more than 4,500 youth in Baltimore City, who in turn have produced hundreds of media projects about their lives and communities. WAYM uses media arts education to cultivate and amplify the voices of youth, engaging them in quality in–school and after-school programming, summer workshops, community events, and other programs.

With a current annual operating budget of over $750,000 – and having recently completed a capital campaign to expand and outfit their headquarters with a media lab and production space – WAYM is looking to the future with an eye toward innovation, intention, and steadiness. Over the past five years, WAYM has focused on growing programs and audience viewership to serve the community and share youth voice, achieving substantial success.

Moving forward, the organization’s leadership, staff, and community stakeholders are resolute that WAYM’s decision making process should be guided foremost by the question of “why” rather than “how many.” In the fall of 2015, the organization conducted a survey of its students, staff, board, and donors to identify what these stakeholders valued about WAYM and what additional opportunities could be offered. The survey results led to a refinement of the organization’s mission and vision, which now includes additional focus on youth media distribution and college and career readiness – expanding the age of youth served to 24.

In discussions leading up to the launch of the plan, WAYM prioritized expanding an older youth workforce development program, building stronger community partnerships, maintaining an equilibrium between process and product so that distribution and fee-forservice work does not influence the integrity of youth voice; and the flexibility to make adjustments in its staffing model to better serve future generations of youth participants.

Strategic Planning occurred throughout 2016 and was made possible with funding by the Goldseker Foundation and consultation and facilitation from Steve Haddad of Sangha Solutions. Throughout the process, WAYM gained clarity on its mission and intended impact; set program priorities around achieving that intended impact; identified the organizational capacity and financial resources necessary to undertake this work; and establish the benchmarks that will make it possible to define success.