Mentoring Video Project

The Mentoring Video Project (MVP) is an advanced media production program for 12 Baltimore City youth 14-20 years of age. Participants learn skills in digital storytelling, photography, video production, and audio production, and use these skills to tell powerful stories about the lives of young people in Baltimore.Videos by MVP youth producers are screened locally, and shown nationally and internationally through public access channels and film festivals, and on the web.

MVP meets from late September-May on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 4:30pm-7:00pm, at Wide Angle Youth Media’s main offices. MVP Participants are eligible to receive a per-class stipend or service learning hours. Applicants do not need to have prior digital media experience. In order to give participants focused and individualized support, the MVP class size is limited to 12 youth.

How do you apply?

  • Download and print an application BY CLICKING HERE.
  • Please write clearly and have a parent or guardian sign the form.
  • MAIL OR DROP OFF your completed application to: Wide Angle Youth Media, 2601 N. Howard Street, Suite #160, Baltimore MD 21218
  • Applications can also be scanned and emailed to
  • Applicants must complete a short interview with program staff before they are eligible to be accepted into the program. The interview consists of a few short questions and is designed to do the following:
    • help applicants and program teachers get to know each other.
    • identify any special learning needs that a student might have and set personal goals for learning.
    • make sure that applicants can commit to the attending the program regularly.
    • make sure that applicants are ready to be a strong team members.

    This is also a chance to see our offices and ask any questions you might still have about the program.

  • Please feel free to call our offices (443-759-6700) if you have any questions during the application process.

“I enjoy the freedom I have to choose my own story, and I enjoy the help the staff gives us. What I am learning in MVP gives me an edge in high school, where we use digital media every day.”
– D’Andre Guess, Mentoring Video Project Student