Special Projects

Throughout the year, Wide Angle Youth Media partners with community groups, schools, agencies, and other non-profits to teach young people how to use media to educate their community, advocate for their concerns, and increase their impact. We’d love to work with your community, too! To learn more about ways Wide Angle Youth Media can partner with YOU – please contact us at info@wideanglemedia.org.


Past Special Projects include:

Baltimore Electric Vehicle Initiative – The Baltimore Electric Vehicle Initiative (BEVI), a public-private partnership advancing the use of zero-emission vehicles in the mid-Atlantic region, and Green Street Academy, a middle-high school with an emphasis on preparing students for jobs in green industries.

Carrera West Media Club – A weekly media club in partnership with the Baltimore City Health Department, in which high school students explore various media and art techniques, creating a personal or group project in under 2 hours.

Experience Corps Video Oral Histories – Elementary-school students are trained in interview technique, and record the memories of the civil rights era told by older adults. This is a partnership with Experience Corps.

Goodnow Community Center Media Club – Young people at the Goodnow Community Center learn media literacy and production skills, creating a group video, “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”

Teen Media Design Group – Students from across the city come together to learn how to develop a media campaign promoting regular school attendance. Sponsored by the ACLU of Central Maryland and the Open Society Institute.