Youth Photography Traveling Exhibit

Traveling Photography ExhibitionIn the Spring of 2013, The 8th Annual Wide Angle Youth Media Festival gave voice to over 200 youth from over 40 schools and 10 after school programs in Baltimore City by providing a forum that showcases their creativity and perspectives at diverse venues throughout Baltimore City.

This year, Wide Angle Youth Media has streamlined the festival into the Youth Photography Traveling Exhibition (YPTE).  Wide Angle Youth Media’s Youth Photography Traveling Exhibition (YPTE) teaches young people how to make compelling photographs and tell stories of their experiences. Through free photography workshops throughout the community and a youth curatorial committee, the 2014 YPTE provided technical training and media production to over 130 students. The exhibit aims to change how youth are perceived and shift the focus on Baltimore’s youth to one of celebration and encouragement through high visibility exhibitions of powerful self-portraits.  Currently on display at Evergreen Café, the exhibit will travel to other public spaces throughout the spring and summer.

Stay tuned for our upcoming 2014 Traveling Exhibition Calendar!




Closeup of Traveling Photography Exhibit