Reflecting Reality: First Week as a High School Youth Media Intern

Ykitta Martin

Youth Producer, Ykitta Martin

My name is Ykitta Martin. I am a senior at Digital Harbor High School, and I am currently an intern with Wide Angle Youth Media. I got into Wide Angle through a program called the Urban Alliance, which provides paid internships where youth learn about the professional world.

As an intern, I assist Wide Angle’s staff with multiple things – from helping set up for classes to answering phones to using cameras and learning about digital photography. I am also using photos to tell a story, to think about deeper meanings of media, and how to take a creative idea to the next level.

Each student in Wide Angle’s Mentoring Video Project was asked to create a self-portrait, based upon what they like to do. I chose to show myself in front of a microphone because I like to make music in my spare time. The feeling of making a self-portrait is a very novel to me. It’s something I had never done before, and I found it very cool. It is definitely something I would love to do again.

Ykitta's self portrait

Ykitta’s Self Portrait

So far, my favorite part of being in Mentoring Video Project is watching other videos that Wide Angle Youth Media alumni have made. I say this because it makes me think about how I can make my video as good as theirs or even better.

Because of Wide Angle Youth Media, I feel like I am getting closer to my dream, which is to be a professional video editor and director. I believe other people should definitely, without a doubt, join Mentoring Video Project. It is a great experience and makes you a more creative person even if you were not before. It brings out your inner self and makes you think more about how you can make good things into GREAT things.

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