After Freddie Gray: What Now?

In spring 2016, high school students at Wide Angle Youth Media decided to explore how the Baltimore Uprising in response to Freddie Gray’s death has impacted different youth-serving organizations. Hear from different voices about what is being done in Baltimore in the aftermath to shape supports for youth in the city.

Mentoring Video Project Youth Producers:
Victor Able
Tayvon Cole
Katia Crawford
Kailah Hall
William Mitchell
Niajea Randolph

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A Letter

In Spring 2015, middle school students from Wide Angle’s Baltimore Speaks Out! program at the Herring Run branch of The Enoch Pratt Library System explored the importance of security for youth across the nation.

Youth Producers: Mikayla Curtis, Khloe Ellis, Don Egeonu. Assistant Youth Producers: Alise Little, Corey Williams, Anthony Revel, Sam Mark, Kelis Jackson, Charles Glenn, Keith Glenn, Dianna Scott, Deanna Scott and Nachelle Moore.

“Whispering Through” by Asura
“Like Bacon Sundays” by Luc

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A Teen’s Dream

Ricardo Amparo, a senior in Baltimore City and Youth Producer for our Mentoring Video Project, shares his views for a healthier, happier city for young people in Baltimore. Made in partnership with DB Productions and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a workshop at TED2015.

Originally debuted online here: rwjf.org/en/culture-of-health/2015/03/a_ted_dare_here_sr.html


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Free Running in Baltimore

Tyson Sanford-Griffin is a young man that loves free running and parkour, activities that involve finding acrobatic ways of moving through urban spaces. However, in this short film, Tyson explains how he often feels unsafe doing his favorite activity in his native city of Baltimore, MD.

Created in the fall of 2013 in Wide Angle Youth Media’s Mentoring Video Project, this film also won “Best Story Promoting a Cause Related to Youth or Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math” in TechSoup’s 2014 Storymakers contest!

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Stop the Arguments

During the 2014 spring semester in the Baltimore Speaks Out! Program at the Herring Run Library branch, youth producers decided to explore violence in their communities and how they can combat it. During our ten week program, students were introduced to the digital camera and learned the basics of photography and video recording. In addition to camera use, youth producers were taught how to use audio recording equipment, 3 point lighting, light painting, story boarding, script writing, and editing. They also learned how to work as a team, allowing them to create one class video, and got hands on experience with event planning and public speaking at our events.

In their Northeast Baltimore neighborhood, students see violence on a daily basis. They wanted to create a short video with a lighthearted tone to show an alternative to violence. As a class, they decided that “use your words, not your fist” was a good message to share with people. They believe violence can be avoided if people talk about their problems first before jumping to actions they may later regret. After weeks of hard work and dedication-from brainstorming ideas to production days in the library- the students’ film was complete. Although this is a video created by young people, we believe this is a message that can be shared with people of all ages!

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Bring the Peace

Youth producers in the Baltimore Speaks Out! Program at Patterson Park Public Charter School researched and discovered that violence kills over 1.5 million people a year worldwide (World Health Organization). They also discovered that 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and only intervene 4% of the time (DoSomething.org).

After discussing problems of violence and bullying in their own communities, they decided to create poems and take pictures that express their concerns. Students in this workshop learned all parts of the production process by researching their topic, writing self reflections, taking pictures in their community, recording audio and video, and presenting their work to their peers. What are some actions you can take to prevent bullying and violence in your own community?

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Blessed is the Peacemaker

A lot of youth in Baltimore City either fall victim or lose a loved one to gun violence. Blessed is the Peacemaker is a short film developed by Wide Angle Youth Media’s Mentoring Video Project. The video shows the impact of an organization called Safe Streets, an outreach program that fights to prevent gun violence and homicides in many communities throughout Baltimore, and profiles their leading member, Tard Carter.

This video was produced in the Spring of 2013 by Mentoring Video Project Youth Producers Taqi Juba, Ghani Muhammad, Evodie Ngoy, Tyson Sandford-Griffin, and Joshua White.

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Video Game Violence PSA

Youth producers in Wide Angle’s Baltimore Speaks Out! Program at the Herring Run Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library worked together for a semester to produce this PSA!

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Anti Drug PSA

Youth Producers in the Baltimore Speaks Out Program! at Herring Run Library Created these short PSAs to encourage youth to stay off of drugs.

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My Mom’s an Addict

Eric discusses the effects of family drug use on Baltimore youth. Another young man, whose mother is addicted to drugs, struggles to balance the roles of student and family caretaker.

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