The Intern Perspective: Amy Pratt

We have been proud to host Amy Pratt (College of Notre Dame, class of 2012) as an intern in our spring 2012 semester. Amy approached Wide Angle because she was eager to learn more about working as a media artist in a non-profit setting. As a Production Intern, Amy supported all aspects of our high school media work. From helping students prepare their video files for editing to knocking out rough cuts of contract work, Amy was a dedicated and dependable member of our team. We wish her great luck in her future endeavors!

While interning at Wide Angle Youth Media, I have been able to learn about the technical processes of long term projects. It gave me confidence that I am capable of working through the different steps of production, and forced me to accept a project as being unfinished for the time being. I know I will be able to use what I have learned here in my future career, and I’m thankful for the guidance and resources that have been available to me at Wide Angle Youth Media.

Getting to know the students here – and being a part of their production processes – has inspired me to envision the possibilities of my own future in production. I admire the effort that they put into their projects; observing the students brainstorming topics, creating storyboards, settting up interviews, and acting out extra scenes to help ensure their perspective will be heard, has given me a better understanding of the creative process.

In addition to teaching me new skills, my experience here has caused me to become more aware of the difficulties facing Baltimore City.  Youth producers at Wide Angle Youth Media are dedicated to addressing these topics in their films. They dive into a topic that they feel passionate about, and create entertaining media pieces with the ultimate intention of raising awareness about their specific topic of choice. I have learned so much about how the past, present, and future of Baltimore youth play into the ultimate health of the city at large.

* * *

Currently, our youth producers are working on an issue that they feel is not only important to youth and to Baltimore City, but that currently permeates every aspect of society at the national and international level: the absence of youth jobs.  McKinely Coleman, D’Andre Guess, and Ghani Muhammad (pictured above) seek to shed light on this important topic through extensive interviews and research, which will ultimately result in a documentary that they know will benefit, inform, and encourage a new generation of employers and job-seekers.

However, they are not able to complete this documentary without your help. They need $3,500 by May 31st to finish their film. Your donation of:

  • $25 supplies D’Andre and his team with bus passes for shooting on location.
  • $30 provides two-hours of filming, editing, and mentoring with our staff.
  • $50 supports outreach for film screenings where our students discuss their film with community members.


Donors will be listed as producers in the film’s credits and will be invited to a special event this summer.
Don’t miss out. Donate now.

 Wide Angle is looking for a production intern this summer, apply today!

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