Young people are often silenced by their age, but we believe their stories are valuable and need to be heard.  Our students write, direct, and star in their own films, but that is only half of this integral cycle of creation and viewership.  Validate their hard work by watching their videos, listening to what they have to say, and spreading their message.  Feel free to link these videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social media website.  Share them with friends and, most of all, enjoy them!

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From David Simon to Billie Holiday to Ira Glass, Baltimore has raised and inspired some of the most influential names in media and entertainment. Wide Angle youth producers are media talents in the making; in these videos, their share their personal views of Baltimore, and the impact that their surrounding communities have had on their lives.


Harmful peer interactions can be an unavoidable fixture of school life for all young people; a recent survey found that 77% of all young people are victims of bullying, and that 160,000 miss school each day to avoid an aggressive bully. Our youth producers give viewers their sincere and relatable perspectives on bullying in school, and hope that their voices will help build awareness about this detrimental facet of growing up.


Youth producers examine the intellectual and ethical purposes of a school within its surrounding community, and explore methods by which students, teachers, and administrators can most effectively contribute to an ideal learning environment.


These films take a closer look at how younger generations in Baltimore City can build awareness and contribute to improving Baltimore City’s environmental health for future generations.


Food is undeniably an important facet of any culture. Students examine their eating habits, and even collaborate with Baltimore Urban Gardening with Students (BUGS) to create their own cooking shows geared toward teaching young people how to cook for themselves.


There are many preconceived notions about violence in Baltimore City, some true and some not so true. Our youth producers are here – not to tell audiences what’s true and false – but to convey their perspectives on the diagnoses and treatment of violence in the city.

Human Rights/East Baltimore

Youth producers give audiences a firsthand glimpse of the needs of – and services available to – their surrounding communities. They delve into both the practical and philosophical definitions of what human rights are, and whether they are being met in Baltimore City.

Youth Identity

For youth, growing up is not only an exploration of the surrounding world, but an internal dialogue about how the individual fits into that world. Students analyze their places in their peer groups, neighborhoods, and in familial and societal expectations.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is the understated backbone of all movement and activity in the city. Youth producers take a thoughtful and humorous closer look at this underrepresented subject.

Teen Parenting/Pregnancy

For a teenager, pregnancy and parenting are life changes that remove them from their childhoods and place them into premature adult roles. As a profoundly life-altering step in anyone’s life, our youth producers thought that it was especially important to examine this topic in depth.

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