Wide Angle Screening at John Hopkins University

On April 5, 2011 me and two other youth producers from Wide Angle Youth Media (Donasiah Clapperton and Sumayyah Hyman) attended a screening of Wide Angle videos at John Hopkins University. While there we talked about what wide angle is and about the three wide angle after school programs: YMF, MVP, and BSO. A video was played from each program and afterwards the student that attends that program went up to the front and talked about their experiences in the program and what they like about it etc. Many questions were asked and at the end I felt that we really got through to people that wide angle is giving youth a chance to have their voices heard.

From my perspective, it was a blast. I think we surprised many when we first showed them how we usually start off our day (a warm up game). After that, like I stated before, we talked about wide angle and the programs we are in. When it was my turn to get up and discuss my experiences in the Baltimore Speaks Out program, I was nervous but then I finally loosened up and it was fun. I got some good feedback from the audience as did the other girls who came with me. Overall, I think we did a good job and I hope to see some of those very same college kids helping our youth and getting their voices heard as well.

-Mariah Stewart

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